We repair cracked or sunken concrete surfaces

How does it work?

We specialise in fixing concrete slabs, pavements and driveways which are cracked, sunken or broken, meaning you don't have to resurface or replace the concrete.

Slab Jacking, also known as cementious grouting, is a quick and cost effective solution to level cracked or sunken concrete pavements and driveways, without the need to dig up or replace the concrete.

Concrete can become cracked and damaged due to a number of factors, including ground movement and wash out from underneath. Once the ground under the slab is compromised, damage to the slab occurs as it cannot correctly bear the traffic loads. Commonly, the solution to this problem is to replace the concrete.

Slab jacking offers an affordable and effective way to raise sunken concrete slabs, back to original level. A cementious grout is injected under the slab, filling the void and raising the slab to its correct level.

The results are immediate and provide a cheaper and effective alternative to replacing the surface. Job completion is quick and can often be done in one session, causing minimum interference.