Frequently asked questions about repairing concrete

What type of concrete problems can you fix?

We can fix cracked, broken and sunken concrete slabs, driveways and pavements.

What is Slab Jacking/Cementious Grouting

This is a process of injecting cementious grout under the slab and filling a void caused by movement or wash out, to raise the slab to it’s correct position.

Holes are drilled into the concrete through the sunken slab.  A grout mixture is pumped under the slab and once the void is filled, the grout becomes pressurised and hydraulically raises the slab to the desired height.

The holes are then patched using a concrete mixture.

Is Slab Jacking commonly used to repair concrete?

Slab Jacking is commonly used by government departments, private companies and individuals throughout the world as an effective solution to concrete cracking and sinking.

Is Slab Jacking a new technique for fixing concrete?

Slabjacking has been in use since the early 1930's and originated in the US.

Will the concrete be resurfaced or coated?

The concrete is raised to original level and set in place. We do not apply any coating to the surface.

How long does it take to complete and when will I be able to put weight on the concrete?

Most jobs are completed within a matter of hours and can be walked on within minutes of completion. We advise waiting 24 hours before driving or parking on concrete.


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