A Case Study


This is a part of the factory that was always avoided by the forklift. The different heights of the neighbouring slabs together with the rocking of the unstable slab made it unsafe for the load as spilling was always a concern. The only way to navigate this area was the slow and steady approach.



Slab jacking was used to remedy the problem. This involved core drilling holes in the slab and by using a special injector, cementious grout was pumped under the slab to raise and stabilise the area. The results were immediate.


We are based in Taree and offer our concrete repair service to the North Coast, Mid North Coast, New England, Hunter and Sydney Regions. We are only a short distance away and can meet for a site evaluation any where and any time.

We have all the up to date equipment and skills to carry
out the work and are backed by long term experts in slab jacking and concrete repairs.

One of the key differences with using cementious grouting
is the removal of the need to replace existing concrete,
which represents a massive saving.

You can expect the cost of slab jacking to be about
40%- 50% of the cost of replacing the concrete. 

Couple this with the speed of job completion and
it is the best solution.

Obrien Concrete Repairs provide slabjacking services
for commercial and residential:


Exterior concrete repairs

  • Patios
  • Pavements
  • Porches
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Carports

Interior concrete repairs

  • Garage Floors
  • Basements
  • Laundry Room Floors
  • Bathroom Floors
  • Bank Vaults
  • Warehouse Floors

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please call us on 02 6551 6623.